What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the moment-to-moment awareness of what is occurring in and around us. It helps us to be in touch with the wonders of life, which are here and now. Our heart opens and is immersed in the present moment, so that we can understand its true nature. By being present and mindful of the present moment, we can accept whatever is at that moment as it is, allowing change to happen naturally, without struggle, without the usual resistance and judgment that cause us to suffer more (Thich Nhat Hanh, 2009).



Formal and Informal Practice

Formal mindfulness refers to mindfulness meditation and is an opportunity to experience mindfulness at its deepest levels. Sustained, disciplined introspection allows the practitioner to learn how the mind works and to systematically observe its contents. Formal exercises include awareness of breath, the body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and loving-kindness meditation.

Informal mindfulness refers to the application of mindfulness skills in everyday life. Any exercise that alerts us to the present moment, with acceptance, cultivates mindfulness. Awareness can be focused on physical sensations, sounds, visual stimuli, conversations, walking, the breath, or whatever is occurring in the present moment.

Mindfulness has been demonstrated to benefit the body, brain, and emotional wellbeing.


Mindfulness Living

Meditation is not about learning to empty the mind of all thoughts, but it is the art and science of letting go and get into the quietness within us. Thoughts are a natural part of us, but when we learn to be a nonjudgmental observer of them, we discover wisdom, peace and health, through them. Mindfulness living benefits to bring you back from your past and future, and into the present moment so that you can entirely grow the value of your life.

Mindfulness living is the informal practice of mindfulness and your doorway into meaningful the inner life of thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Through the practice of mindfulness living, you begin to line up with the intrinsic capacity for harmony, power and presence.



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