Yoga & Meditation Classes

We do offer Yoga & Meditation Classes

If you want to try yoga & meditation for yourself, you can join us each three times a week at our relaxing & welcome studio. My classes are created upon a core belief that when we truly relax our minds & bodies we are gifted contact our important wildlife of bliss and happiness.

The time we allow ourselves for rest and relaxation is doubtfully one of the most underestimated tools we have for our health. You can expect to experience a diversity of practices, counting guided visualization, breath work, relaxation therapy, connection with your body through yoga & stretching which will leave you feeling wonderfully connected, restored and present.



Mindful Hour Classes

Creating time for you

The classes are a weekly opportunity to come together as a group on the same wave length people to pass a peaceful hour or so together. No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation needed. I will share formal and informal mindfulness practices that you can learn and practice to improve ways of being more mindful and appreciate the benefits in all areas of your life. Over time, mindfulness will come to be a part of the way you live, breathe and think.


A usual class would be:

 Grounding and leaving the day behind
Opening mindfulness meditation
Practice/methods etc
Support – questions you may have and conversation
Mindful movement (moving meditation)
Closing meditation to include Metta (Loving Kindness Practice)


Mindful Hour does not have a fixed syllabus so if you miss a week or two you can still benefit from whatever classes you do attend. Regular attendance will help you derive the most benefit and will help build a mindfulness habit.



Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is when you are guided, by a narrator, to bring about a specific change in your life. You are first directed to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a deep meditative state before going on a journey, in your mind, to touch a specific goal.

As the brain does not tell between an imagined event and a real one, the experience you have with a guided meditation is just like having a real experience. This has an amazing effect on your life due to the way the brain works.

The beauty of a guided meditation is that you can bring about change in your body by using your mind, and that means stimulating muscles, changing your biological state, and even changing the way the cells in your body work.



Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation, or Mettā meditation, is an ancient meditation form to develop the mental habit of selfless or altruistic love.

I first learned Loving-Kindness Meditation when participating in a month training on a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. For me, the experience was a guided morning meditation with about 50 people where we guided from one of the experienced monks five times per day.

There are many reasons to cultivate feelings of kindness toward ourselves and others.


Sleeping well
Waking up feeling well and light in heart
Having no unpleasant dreams
Being liked by others & at ease with them, especially children
Protection from fire, poison, and sword
Being able to attain meditative concentration easily
One’s face becomes bright and clear
Mental clarity at the time of death (Nhat Hanh, 1997)



Relaxing Oasis

Relaxation is the act of relaxing the mind and body, and can also be defined as the state of being relaxed. The relaxation response is associated with physiological changes that are the opposite to the changes seen with the fight-or-flight response. The relaxation response can be evoked using relaxation techniques, such as autogenic, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation.


During a relaxation exercise we offer in our studio such as:

Progressive muscle relaxation
Sitting meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Deep breathing
Body scan meditation
Loving kindness meditation


By using relaxation techniques, it is possible to:

Muscle tension decreases
Blood pressure goes down
The mind becomes serene
Improve health
Strengthen the immune system
Build up resistance to stress
Handle with change
Improve value of life overall



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