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Your wellbeing depends on how much you invest in your inner life. On how much you know yourself, your emotions, fears and strengths. Tuning in to inner self will allow you to recognize the root of the problem and the best way to cope with it and move forward in a new direction. Understanding ourselves in everyday life is crucial to our integrity and happiness.

During our daily lives we direct all our focus on our outer life, on material gains and comforts, thinking that our happiness and fulfillment depends on them. But still we feel unsatisfied, stressed, empty and anxious. Many a time, we find people with little material means and with a modest career, who are very happy because they have a rich spiritual inner life.


'Inner life' cannot be defined easily. It is the thoughts, imagination, emotions, and values that occupy your mind when you are alone with yourself. ... People who find solitude enjoyable and nature and beauty essential part of their experience part of their may have a rich inner life.

We all have an inner world that is quite distinct from the outer world we encounter with our physical senses. It is the world we meet when we have an emotional reaction, an idea, or close our eyes and live in our fantasies, imagination or dreams.

You also have an Inner You, that is also your soul - the real you, the complete you.

"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe."

- Marcus Aurelius


About Us

Inner life Psychology is founded by Dr. Fleura Shkembi, qualified Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation & Life Coach. Here, in Inner Life we believe that we should be looking inwards for answers to our everyday struggles and frustrations. By knowing where we are coming from and how we feel in a given moment, we will be able to deal with whatever difficulties come our way.

Inner Life mission is to help people connect with their inner self, where they can find peace, bliss, confidence, love and fulfillment. Our therapeutic philosophy is based on respect for our clients and their innate wisdom and strengths. Inner life is a safe and confidential place for everyone who wants to connect deeply with their inner self.

The Team

Enli Karavella


Enli Karavella is graduated in Counselling Psychology. She loves assisting and helping others. She believes that deep inside themselves everyone has the potential evolve and find their source of strength and peace.

Erjona Shkrepa


Erjona Shkrepa is a Master Student of Counselling Psychology. She is very fond of working and interacting with people and helping them achieve their desired wellbeing.


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