What is a life coach?

Some life coaches believe that it is about advising clients. Some consider that it consists of guiding clients to find their own answers. A few claim that you must have expertise within the fields where you coach. Life coaches with therapy backgrounds believe that the process contains counselling or therapy.

Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between a qualified life coach and a client aimed to knock into your full potential.

The coach works with clients to accomplish fast, improved and workable efficiency in their lives and careers through motivated learning to achieve all of the client’s potential.

Clients come to coaching because they want a change; they want to be more real and the core drive of coaching is to close the gap between potential and performance. The role of the coach is to help them complete this increased value.



The Difference Between a Life Coach & a Counselor

Although there may be some similarity in the benefits of working with a life coach and undergoing therapy, each of these experts has a very diverse role and serves a unique purpose. Unlike life coaches, therapists and other mental health professionals focus on healing and their purpose is to help their clients work through trauma and other issues from their past.

While I myself, provide a 'combination' of coaching with certain counselling & psychotherapy models/techniques device into what I like to refer to as 'Life & Spiritual Counselling.' By compelling this style, I am able to assistance my clients route life's difficulties, cope their stress and address the doubts & uncertainties that often go together with one's journey in creating confident changes in their lives and realizing their aims.

The flexibility of Skype coaching session can eliminate certain obstacles for a client & can be accessed from all over the world.


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